Thing 16: You Pick! Nearpod

The Fifties in 3D
“The Fifties in 3D.” 11th May 11, 1951.National Archives UK. No known copyright restrictions.

This has been an exciting year in my school district in regards to educational technology. During the summer we set up our technology mentor program. The tech mentors are a group of teachers from across the district that are technology enthusiasts, that use educational technologies with their students, and that are willing to support other teachers to use technologies in their classrooms. This year we also had iPads  available for student use in the classroom. One of the technologies we saw at our tech mentor training over the summer was something called Nearpod.

Nearpod is an online presentation tool and it does have an app for tablet devices and smartphones. Just imagine you are giving a lecture. You slides, instead of displaying on a large screen in front of the class, are on display on the students’ computers, tablet devices, or smartphones.  Preprogramed questions popup between the slides at critical points so that your students can submit responses to critical questions. You can instantly see the students responses to gage their understanding of the concepts of your lesson. Nearpod presentations are easy to create and easy to use, and you can also get reports of students’ responses. Nearpod allows you to turn your static slideshow into an interactive learning experience.

During this school year, I collaborated with another tech mentor (a High School science teacher) on a Nearpod presentation for our Board of Education to introduce some of these ‘new to our school district’ technologies for educational use. I have also demonstrated it at faculty meetings, and most recently at a BOCES SLS Council meeting, to discuss how this technology could be used for formative evaluation in the classroom. It is wildly popular in the Elementary and Middle Schools. Some of the interesting applications have included using Nearpod as a tool for reviewing materials and as an exit ticket tool. I find it to be a very versatile tool and I enjoy seeing how my teachers use it with their students.


Exploring Digital Resources With Mobile Technologies

Journalist Lucy Morgan with video camera and phone. (ca. 1985). Donn Dughi collection. State Library and Archives of Florida,

Journalist Lucy Morgan with video camera and phone. (ca. 1985). Donn Dughi collection. State Library and Archives of Florida,

Attention Juniors and Seniors- New Pilot Course!

Are you planning to go on to college after graduating? Would you like to know how you could use iPads and other mobile devices in college? Join us as we explore how these digital devices can be used in higher education.

We will learn about (and use) blogs, wiki, RSS feeds, Google Apps, and social media services. We will investigate how to use media resources like podcasts and ebooks in school. Join us as we also examine issues related to the use of mobile devices in society like online communication, and cyberbullying, etc. Learn how to create and share meaningful information with others.

Be a step a head of your other classmates by learning how to use digital resources with mobile technologies.

This course will be taught by Mr. Dutcher this Spring in the library media center, period to be determined, and it will be graded as a pass/fail. Space is limited. See your guidance counselor for more information.