Thing 13: Media Skills

J.E. Williamson going down

J.E. Williamson going down. Bain News Service, publisher [between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915]. Library of Congress, George Grantham Bain Collection. No known restrictions on publication.

This year at Dryden, we have two new things available to us. First, we have access to Google Apps for Education which allows us to easily create and share digital files with each other. It is available to both staff and students. In addition, we have technology mentors. This is a team of teachers, myself included, that are technology enthusiasts and that use educational technologies in our classrooms. We have a wide range of skills, abilities, and interests and one of our goals is to promote the use of educational technologies in our classrooms.

Earlier this past week, I received an email from one of my teachers asking for help. He said (and I paraphrase):

I’m working on a Google presentation that I am planning to show when I meet with a group of parents. Each slide contains a photograph and I would like it to loop when it gets to the end. I know how to do this in PowerPoint but I cannot figure it out in Google presentation. Any thoughts?

While I am not an expert (yet) with Google apps, the more I use it, the more I like it. I have also used PowerPoint to create looping slide shows of images, however, I have yet to play around with Google presentations. He had shared his presentation with me so I took a look at it. Sure enough, I could not find a loop option in Google presentation.

Upon doing a Google search for the puzzle, I discovered that first one creates their presentation, then one goes to Google sites to create a web page upon which one then inserts a file from Google Drive. When a presentation is chosen, one gets display options that includes loop. I just found another reason to like Google Apps.

My teacher was very happy to hear about my findings and he was then able to get his images to loop. I’m looking forward to touching base with him after he meets with his group of parents to see how it went.