Thing 03: RSS Feeds- Personal Thoughts and Experiences

I think that RSS feeds may be one of the neatest thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe the neatest thing since Star Trek or Star Wars.

I think my first experience with RSS feeds was when I started podcasting and I needed to create them for my podcasts. I found a neat WYSIWYG feed creation program that allowed me RSS feeds. It is a great program for DIY and I didn’t need to have a degree in computer programming to use it.

Later I went to a workshop on a social bookmarking tool that was presented by the SCRLC. I found this to be interesting, however I am not one that collects and shares URLs. When I saw that this bookmarking tool provided a JavaScript for the RSS feed that let me put my bookmarks onto my web page, I found a new use for it. I bookmarked and tagged my library databases to put them (and specific subsets) onto my web pages. Now my vendors could change their URLs and rename their products as many times as they want, and I just have update my bookmarks and the RSS feeds automatically collect and display this information.

Soon I began to find RSS feeds in my databases as on blogs, wikis, and other tools. When I got my smartphone, and later my tablet computer, I found that many of the apps I was using were powered with RSS feeds. And then soon were discovered feed aggregators. Zowwie!

RSS feeds are powerful tools and I look forward to sharing the idea of them, along with readers and aggregators, with my students and teachers.