Thing 18- Digital Tattoo & Digital Citizenship

Last summer as we wrote curriculum for our new media literacy course for 6th grade students, we decided to that online behavior and online communication would be central themes in this course. Through out this school year, these two ideas were always in mind when I reflected upon what worked (or didn’t work) and when I developed my lessons for this class.

The other day, someone forwarded an article about something called “Digital Driver’s License” (DDL). It is an online tool for students designed to teach students, through case studies, about digital literacy and safety while encouraging them to become independent and cautious digital learners. One could access this information through the Internet or via an app.  It includes resources from Common Sense Media (I use many of their resources in my class) and others. It appears to be customizable.

This sounded interesting to me since it was similar to our guiding philosophy for our media literacy course. So I created an account in DDL to see how it worked and I took a look at one of the Middle School-level cases. It presented a really nice info graphic with a set of questions related to it. This info graphic was indeed information dense and came from an outside source. The attached questions required careful reading so that you could properly answer them. Probably best not attempted after a long day just before one goes home.

I did like what I saw in this case study. I believe that it might be a valuable addition to this course. If the other case studies are similar to the one I experienced, we would need to spend more time in class deliberately reading for understanding. I do need to further explore DDL to discover how I might use it with my students.


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